The Elves At Total Facilities Recruitment Ltd Were Very Busy!

January 11, 2024
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After a visit to see one of our clients JPC by Samsic at their Battersea Power Station site, they raised our awareness to a cause they were supporting for a Primary School in South London, in which most families described themselves as homeless. The school had recently conducted a survey which showed the majority as living in "non-secure tenancies". This can range from sofa surfing with friends to living in B&Bs and the school also have 70 families who are living in hostel accommodation at the moment. Their head teacher in an interview with the BBC, noted that "We've also got a large number of families that are going between accommodations. Many of our children go home on an evening and they don't know whether they're going home to the same house, so it isn't a home." 

Our client Katinka Csiger put us in touch with the deputy head at Harris Primary Academy Peckham Park and we asked if it would be possible that we could do something for the children this Christmas. We thought it would be a lovely idea to buy every child in the school a Christmas present, so 362 presents wrapped and we were ready to go. The children made us a beautiful Christmas card to say thank you for all their gifts!

Here is a link to the article if you would like to read more or get involved with the efforts for the school

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