Your CV!

  February 13, 2024

Writing a CV is usually the first opportunity you will get to successfully sell your abilities to a prospective employer.  We at Total Facilities have written a short guide making this all the easier and to also make sure that the most important parts are covered.

A CV should be no longer than three sides of A4, however whilst it's important to keep your CV concise you should also avoid selling yourself and your experience short.  Make sure when you are writing your CV you bear in mind the job that you are applying for, its important to tailor your experience to the position in mind, make sure its job specific, therefore making its all that more appealing for any potential employers.

There are a few key areas we would suggest you will need to cover:

  • Contact details (name, address, email and mobile number)
  • Profile (highlighting your key attributes, skills and achievements)
  • Education and qualifications
  • Work experience (working from reverse date order, so most recent first)
  • Interests and Hobbies
  • References

Finally, formatting a CV is really very important. Here are a few helpful tips :

  • No need for a title – CV, let your Name be the title!
  • Sections headings as above in bold make it stand out.
  • Use a professional font – we would suggest, Arial or Times New Roman and font size 10 or 12, avoid italics.
  • Use Bullet points, this keeps it concise and makes it easier for anyone reading it to pick out the important bits first.
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The Elves At Total Facilities Recruitment Ltd Were Very Busy!

  January 11, 2024

After a visit to see one of our clients JPC by Samsic at their Battersea Power Station site, they raised our awareness to a cause they were supporting for a Primary School in South London, in which most families described themselves as homeless. The school had recently conducted a survey which showed the majority as living in "non-secure tenancies". This can range from sofa surfing with friends to living in B&Bs and the school also have 70 families who are living in hostel accommodation at the moment. Their head teacher in an interview with the BBC, noted that "We've also got a large number of families that are going between accommodations. Many of our children go home on an evening and they don't know whether they're going home to the same house, so it isn't a home." 

Our client Katinka Csiger put us in touch with the deputy head at Harris Primary Academy Peckham Park and we asked if it would be possible that we could do something for the children this Christmas. We thought it would be a lovely idea to buy every child in the school a Christmas present, so 362 presents wrapped and we were ready to go. The children made us a beautiful Christmas card to say thank you for all their gifts!

Here is a link to the article if you would like to read more or get involved with the efforts for the school

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How to make candidates want your job….

  January 11, 2024

We spend a lot of time in business focused on the client, what the client wants the client gets, as the saying goes but… what happens when you find the magical unicorn candidate for your role and… they turn down the job offer!

There are a few things that as hirers you can do to minimise the number of times this happens to you!

The number one tool you have in your kit is communication! Talk through the process and expected timeline of events with your recruiter and with the candidate, from 1st interview, incorporate the further stages, who its likely they will meet with and when and try your best to stick to it! If you find the process is delayed, explain why and if they are the perfect candidate perhaps make that contact personal, send an email to explain the situation or arrange a quick call to keep the momentum of interest intact. Again, on the momentum front, in this candidate driven market try not to make the process too long, you face increasing competition from your competitors who make be able to move from interview to offer faster and then, just like that, your unicorn has vanished!

In the interview ask the candidate why not only they are interested in your job but what about your job is it that is more appealing or different from their current role. Think about the points they raise, is their commute shorter with you, are there more opportunities for overtime or progression etc in your role. When you continue the interview, highlight these benefits for them throughout the process to reinforce why it will be great working with you. I would also ask your recruiter to do a little digging for you in this area, nobody likes to come across as negative at interview and they may be able to get a more honest picture of what may best motivate them to work with you.

So, you’ve run your interview process like a well-oiled machine and truly got to the crux of why your job is perfect for the candidate, you’ve given a verbal offer and had acceptance from the candidate. All is looking great but now it’s been three weeks, and they still haven’t received the paperwork for their contract. This is your final point of sway in the process before they hand their notice in, don’t make them feel like the company isn’t efficient or doesn’t see their joining as important, flag in your diary to call HR or your contracts team and make sure they have received all necessary paperwork, and the contract has gone out!How to make candidates want your job….

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What’s it like to work with us?

"I have found the TFR team to be personably professional, they always go the extra mile. They have helped me recruit numerous staff over the years and I would not hesitate to recommend them."

FM Director

Government Department


"Excellent Agency, I have worked for them for several years as a temporary worker and they have now placed me into a permanent role. They always paid on time and were very friendly to deal with."

Temporary to Permanent Candidate



"I have worked with TFR in my current role and have always been pleased at the calibre of candidates put forward for all manner of vacancies we had to fill. The team were very careful not to fire random cv's at me in the hope of a placement - they carefully selected people that fitted the team culture and we successfully recruited in the region of 15 -20 people from them. I am happy to recommend TFR to anyone recruiting as I am certain they will apply the same diligence and professionalism regardless of the number or type of placement."

Regional Engineering Manager

National Maintenance Contractor


"Level of professionalism is insanely high. The people here are friendly and always willing to help. I recommend Total Facilities to everyone. They helped me create a much better cv and really prepared my for my interview, I was so pleased I approached them on my search for a new job and I am now thoroughly enjoying my new role."

Permanent Engineering Candidate



"I have been working with the TFR team for many years and they have consistently provided us with a high calibre of temporary labour often at short notice, for a variety of our sites across the City."

Business Unit Director

Facilities Service Provider


"The staff at TFR are always friendly and work in your best interest, the work is flexible and the whole team are understanding of their employee's and client's needs. They always pay on time and resolve any issues prior to my pay being affected which I have not always found with other agencies."

Maintenance Engineer



"Thank you for your excellent work over the last year. We work with different agencies that do a decent job, but I have to make mention of your excellent performance in handling our requests, which are sometimes pretentious!

On several occasions, when there have been sudden absences, you have always managed to resolve the situation by sending the people prepared and preferred for that particular building, thus making us look good with the tenants and clients.

There's no pressure because it's impossible to control everything but keep up the good work for 2024!"

Front of House Regional Manager

Property Managing Agent


"I have been working with Total Facilities Recruitment for 3 years now, TFR are a hugely reliable and dedicated company. They go above and beyond to keep both employees and clients needs met. My consultant was very hardworking and pleasant towards me and very professional. I would recommend this agency to anyone that's looking for work."

Current Worker

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