How to make candidates want your job….

January 11, 2024
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We spend a lot of time in business focused on the client, what the client wants the client gets, as the saying goes but… what happens when you find the magical unicorn candidate for your role and… they turn down the job offer!

There are a few things that as hirers you can do to minimise the number of times this happens to you!

The number one tool you have in your kit is communication! Talk through the process and expected timeline of events with your recruiter and with the candidate, from 1st interview, incorporate the further stages, who its likely they will meet with and when and try your best to stick to it! If you find the process is delayed, explain why and if they are the perfect candidate perhaps make that contact personal, send an email to explain the situation or arrange a quick call to keep the momentum of interest intact. Again, on the momentum front, in this candidate driven market try not to make the process too long, you face increasing competition from your competitors who make be able to move from interview to offer faster and then, just like that, your unicorn has vanished!

In the interview ask the candidate why not only they are interested in your job but what about your job is it that is more appealing or different from their current role. Think about the points they raise, is their commute shorter with you, are there more opportunities for overtime or progression etc in your role. When you continue the interview, highlight these benefits for them throughout the process to reinforce why it will be great working with you. I would also ask your recruiter to do a little digging for you in this area, nobody likes to come across as negative at interview and they may be able to get a more honest picture of what may best motivate them to work with you.

So, you’ve run your interview process like a well-oiled machine and truly got to the crux of why your job is perfect for the candidate, you’ve given a verbal offer and had acceptance from the candidate. All is looking great but now it’s been three weeks, and they still haven’t received the paperwork for their contract. This is your final point of sway in the process before they hand their notice in, don’t make them feel like the company isn’t efficient or doesn’t see their joining as important, flag in your diary to call HR or your contracts team and make sure they have received all necessary paperwork, and the contract has gone out!How to make candidates want your job….

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